WESTARM Home Health Receives top tier Highmark Quality Ranking

Thursday, March 27, 2021 – WESTARM Home Health has reported their latest Highmark Health and Community Services Score information with our patients.

Home Health Agencies and Skilled Nursing Facilities in Pennsylvania are measured quarterly by Highmark using robust standards to ensure a strong quality of care is being provided across the state. The purpose of this Highmark ranking system is to facilitate communication and continuous improvement of patient outcomes, and as a result, help to reduce overall medical costs. Agencies are measured on metrics such as hospital readmissions, timely initiation of care, emergency room visits.

WESTARM Home Health boasts some of its highest scores to date earning exemplary scores in both timely initiation of care and a 0% hospital readmission and emergency room rates. WESTARM Home Health is proudly ranked fifth out of sixty other agencies statewide. This ranking shows the highly individualized and excellent care WESTARM Home Health provides to patients discharged from skilled nursing facilities and hospitals. WESTARM takes great pride in providing patients and their families with the peace of mind that they need to have the best possible outcomes.

If you would like more information on WESTARM Home Health and the services we provide, please visit https://westarmhomecare.com/ or call us today at 724-337-0420.

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