PWR specifically focuses on "neuroplasticity-principled programming" and is research-based with a focus of restoring function and improvement of quality of life.

Goals of Therapy

  • Treat Symptoms of tremors and rigidity
  • Treat “freezing episodes” or slow movements
  • Improve shuffling gait/ walking pattern
  • Reduce number of falls
  • Help correct posture
  • Improve balance

Tara Porter, MPT
PWR Certified Therapist

Here at WESTARM we utilize state of the art GlideTrak  equipment in our therapy.

The GlideTrak can provide sustained 100% body weight support. This puts the user in complete control of the training, allowing for immediate and continuous stride adjustments to eliminate pain and increase ease of treadmill use. This control gives users the confidence necessary to challenge themselves with more aggressive workouts without fear of hurting themselves or of falling.

Contact us to schedule an appointment with Tara at any of these three outpatient facilities:


1001 S. Leechburg Hill Rd Leechburg, PA 15656

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Lower Burrell

3160 Kipp Avenue Lower Burrell, PA 15068

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