TMJ Rehabilitation

TMJ treatment from one of WESTARM's licensed Physical Therapists is a conservative, cost effective, and non-invasive solution with little or no side effects.

Temporomandibular disorder (TMD), is a term that describes an entire group of disorders involving the temporomandibular joint or joints (TMJ).

The TMJs are the jaw joints. There is one on each side of your head just in front of your ear canals. Just like your shoulder or knee, problems may develop with your temporomandibular joint(s).

There are a variety of temporomandibular disorders. The muscles (myogenous), joint(s) (arthrogenous), or a combination of the two may cause pain.

Since physical therapists treat muscle and joint problems, they are ideally suited to address a TMD. Moreover, a majority of patients diagnosed with TMD, also have associated neck pain. Both respond well to treatment provided by a physical therapist.

No other healthcare practitioner is better suited to address both the TMD and neck pain.

If you have a TMJ disorder or have questions about treatment of the TMJ, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Before surgery, expensive tests and appliances, you should see our physical therapist first if you have a TMJ problem.

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