Are you considering a knee or hip replacement?

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More than 1 million total knees and hips are replaced annually in America. However, fear of surgery can cause additional stress in the months, weeks, and days leading up to the procedure.

Preparing for knee or hip replacement surgery begins several weeks beforehand with optimization of certain underlying health conditions, arranging for help at home after the surgery, and in some cases, attending a pre-operative education and/or exercise class.


These steps may not seem all that critical, but proper preparation is a key element of the procedure’s outcome. There are also some logistical elements of your surgery that you should be aware of so you are prepared for your operation day.

Let WESTARM provide you a complimentary preoperative consultation. An experienced Physical Therapist can review your home setup, recommend post-surgery equipment needs, demonstrate exercises to do before and after surgery, and also guide you on what to expect.

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