Leader Times’ Report on Shoulder Lecture at Kittanning Facility

Nathan Formaini, DO - ACMH Hospital
Kelsey Cushey, DPT - Kittanning Facility Director

Experienced shoulder surgeon Dr. Nathan Formaini from ACMH Hospital is teaming up with WESTARM Physical Therapy to give a free lecture to residents of Kittanning, and surrounding Armstrong County communities who are considering shoulder surgery. The lecture is scheduled to take place at 6 p.m Sept. 21st at WESTARM’s Kittanning facility. WESTARM Kittanning Facility Director Kelsey Cushey, DPT, will join Dr. Formaini in conducting the lecture. She recently won second place in the Leader Times’ Best of the Best in 2021.

RSVP for your spot at the lecture here or by calling 724-337-6522.

Free lecture planned locally for those considering shoulder surgery

By A.J. PANIAN- Managing Editor of The Leader Times

Having grown up in Armstrong County, Dr. Nathan Formaini knows a good many people living in the area earn their respective livings through various kinds of work that can be hard on their bodies.

“The area is full of hard-working people that regardless of their orthopedic issue, ultimately just want to get better. They make excellent patients. You’re in a population that basically uses their body to earn a living,” said Formaini, a Ford City High School graduate and well-known orthopedic shoulder and elbow orthopedic surgeon since 2015 at Armstrong Orthopedic Associates.

From disorders including arthritis, rotator cuff tears and tendonitis, to sports-related injuries and fractures, Dr. Formaini treats numerous patients in the locale and also cares for many additional orthopedic issues and fractures throughout the body.

One thing he has learned is that some jobs take a heavy toll on many parts of the body, but not nearly as heavy a price as extended time off can impact a breadwinner in a household.

“When you’ve got people that are doing laborious jobs, they need their bodies to make a living and earn their money, so when they feel they need to or have to seek medical treatment, it can be a very different scenario for them — they gotta get back to work,” he said. “They tend to be more compliant, make sure they go through treatment once, and have a great outcome so they can get back to earning a living.”

Providing perspective and peace of mind to such individuals, in particular, represents one of Dr. Formaini’s prime motivations to join forces with WESTARM Physical Therapy to give a free lecture to residents of Kittanning and surrounding Armstrong County communities who are considering shoulder surgery, he said.

The lecture, which is scheduled to take place Sept. 21 at WESTARM’s Kittanning Facility11931 State Route 85, Kittanning, Pa 16201 — which is at the intersection of Route 28 and Route 85 in Indian Hills Professional Center.

It will offer those in attendance an opportunity to learn about up-to-the-minute advancements in the field of orthopedic surgery — possibly toward the end of returning them back to work sooner than they originally thought was possible, according to Dr. Formaini.

“People normally come in for evaluation in an office setting where it’s too abbreviated,” he said. “Having events like this, you can take more time to educate them and take questions while in a more relaxed setting. You can really make them feel a lot more comfortable about a lot of the unknowns — people don’t know what surgery is like — or about the issues they have or even what treatment options are available.”

Noting that some individuals put off the prospect of surgery because they simply can’t afford to take the time off work, Dr. Formaini said information that comes out of the upcoming lecture can inform attendees of updated approaches to treatment and procedural advancements that perhaps can dispel certain enduring myths.

“I think that educational events like this — I do them a lot — people that come in and they’re concerned and will say, ‘I was told I’m not going to be able to work for months.’ And you can kind of put some of those myths to bed, because there can be other options where we can get people back to work in just a few weeks.”

The rapid advances in orthopedic care changes the game every few years when it comes to what prospective patients can expect, he added.

Event to offer attendees face time with professionals

Dr. Formaini will serve as the guest speaker along with WESTARM Kittanning Facility Director Kelsey Cushey, Doctorate of Phyiscal Therapy.

“They will be discussing options for treatment of shoulder pain and other related conditions such as surgery and physical therapy,” said Patrick McClernon, marketing and communications manager, WESTARM Physical Therapy/WESTARM Home Health.

The lecture will be beneficial for anyone with shoulder/rotator cuff issues, anyone considering shoulder surgery, or even those who’ve recently had shoulder surgery, McClernon confirmed.

“Those attending can expect to learn what to expect if they’re getting shoulder surgery, how to prepare for an upcoming surgery, and also have the opportunity to ask questions or share concerns about an upcoming procedure,” he added.

The lecture will also provide a good opportunity for the community members to have face time with Dr. Formaini and Dr. Cushey and be able to ask personalized questions about their issues.

“There can be a lot of anxiety, and uncertainty that comes along with needing shoulder surgery and preparing for the therapy thereafter,” McClernon said.

WESTARM hosts the lecture series every year to help local residents through some of those concerns and help them be better prepared. View more info on the full lecture series here.

Its officials will be providing free refreshments to all in attendance.

Those planning to attend are asked to RSVP by calling 724-337-6522 or by sending an email to: [email protected].

Dr. Formaini’s additional background

As per Dr. Formaini’s website — pittsburghshoulderdoc.com — he joined Armstrong Orthopedic Associates in August of 2015.

Born and raised in the Kittanning area, he graduated from Ford City High School and received his undergraduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh, graduating with honors.

Dr. Formaini attended the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine before completing a five-year orthopedic residency through Ohio University at Doctors’ Hospital and Grant Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio.

He concluded his surgical training with a one-year shoulder and elbow fellowship under the direction of Dr. Jonathan Levy at Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Dr. Formaini has a special interest in shoulder and elbow surgery, having completed a surgical fellowship focusing solely on complex shoulder and elbow problems.

His diagnostic skills and surgical expertise in this particular area include reverse shoulder replacement, total shoulder replacement, total elbow replacement, arthroscopic shoulder and elbow procedures, and upper extremity fracture management.

He also brings a superior level of care in the fields of general orthopedics and advanced fracture care surgery to Armstrong County and the surrounding region.

Dr. Formaini has been very active in orthopedic research and authored multiple journal publications as well as textbook chapters on various orthopedic topics.

He lectures at state, regional, and national meetings and also serves as a reviewer for research-based orthopedic journals.

Original article written by A.J. Panian, managing editor of the Leader Times.

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