Therm-X: Next Generation of Hot/Cold Treatment For Athletes & Patients

For athletic trainers and sports therapists who want the latest technology for their athletes and patients, the use of cold and heat has a new high-tech option. WESTARM Physical Therapy, a trusted leader in physical therapy for nearly 40 years, has partnered with Zenith Technical Innovations to provide Therm-X, an all-in-one portable device that provides heat, cold, compression, and contrast therapy.

Therm-X features an intuitive touch screen with pre-programmed or customized protocols. With its digital control, the Therm-X circulates a coolant that can maintain a specific temperature for the entire treatment cycle. This provides a distinct advantage to heat packs or ice packs that can lose temperature once they’re applied.

The easy-fill tank uses distilled water and isopropyl alcohol as a coolant solution that does not require constant refilling and cleaning. The fluid passes through a garment with a tailored treatment area to concentrate the cold or heat where it is needed most.

Therm-X can be used to support a variety of injuries and recovery plans for patients. By using rapid cold, heat, and compression, the Therm-X can help reduce edema, swelling, and discomfort.  The system is equipped with a variety of preset treatment options to choose from—or control the treatment on your own with the easy-to-use digital temperature modules. 

Six separate garment compression options ensure full contact for optimal thermal transfer.  Designed specifically for the knee, back, elbow, ankle, shoulder and hip, these Therm-X garments are bilateral so “left” and “right” purchases don’t need to be made. They’re also one-size-fits-all for additional flexibility.

Therm-X at WESTARM Physical Therapy

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